RØDE Microphones Releases RØDE Racing Series: Capturing The Sound Of Performance Racing

RØDE Microphones, Australian-owned pro-audio brand, is revving and ready to present its latest exciting series in audio education: RØDE Racing!

When founder and owner of RØDE Microphones, Peter Freedman AM, acquired the first Nissan Nismo GTR in Australia - the RØDE production team headed out to a private racetrack to put the car and RØDE mics through their paces.

This three-episode mini series, documented by the team at RØDE Microphones and hosted by Senior Sales Manager/Product Specialist Ryan Burke, details a variety of different car mic’ing and set-up techniques. From a Professional Setup to one using three iPhones, each bite-sized episode demonstrates the appropriate gear to use and shows best methods for capturing the intricacies and complexities of performance car audio.


Episode 1: presents and details a Pro Microphone Setup by the RØDE recording team. This provides a comprehensive overview of car mic’ing techniques with of a range of microphones from RØDE – from the accessible SmartLav+ to the flagship NT6.

Episode 2: shows how to get incredible recording results with just 3 SmartLav+s and 3 iPhones.

Episode 3: Three Things You Should Know

Covers the essential considerations when recording performance racing.

Episode 4: Hot Lap!

Strap in for a complete lap of the RØDE Racetrack and experience the Nismo GTR in full roar.