About us

Central Music specializes in distribution and marketing of world-class audio equipments, software and systems. Additionally we extend the value-added service to the worldwide technology exchange, planning and execute of music event, promote and support to our customer which become the pionner of musician. Our international action involve development of hardware and software as well as develop area that cross industry market.

About Central Music

Pre-Sales support

Depend on our rich experience and product resources, we provide accurate, resonable and useful products, appraisal, recommendation as well as system combination suggestion, which helps you construct your own music system in a quick time.

After-sales support

To ensure quality customer service, all technical support staff are well trained to provide enhanced support services as well as efficient after-sales support for customers.

Remote problem diagnosis and support

We offer 1 year comprehensive service and support upon purchase, including direct access to our expert techicians over the phone for help with product installation, configuration, setup and problem resolution.